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Duel Academy EXTREME!!!!!1

where everyone's major is drama

Duel Academy: EXTREME


July 22nd, 2007

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Hmmm. Dropo-- I mean.. Signor Juudai! I must sadly congradulate you on your duel with Signor Manjoume. It was ... quite impressive, na no nae.

July 20th, 2007

Did everyone enjoy their meal? I can cook. Really! ;_;

July 10th, 2007

Attention, Duel Academy.

I have set you up the bomb.

You have no chance to survive.

Make your time.

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July 4th, 2007


[ygo gx] double gotcha!!

Revived from the dead after about a year or so of dead-ish-ness, DUEL ACADEMY IS BACK FROM THE ASHES.

We're starting again from the beginning -- the VERY beginning. And we're going at our own pace this time, so there's no slow times, no times waiting for canon to move, but nor is there rushing! We're just gonna go as we see fit this time, without the lagging or hassle. :3

We're making this place a community of equally distributed power, meaning everyone is a maintainer once they've proven themselves to be trustworthy. Those of us who've been here before get automatic maintainership, and any new members that come along... well, for the moment, we'll give any new members a trial period before becoming a maintainer. How long hasn't been decided yet, but, uh... I guess it won't be too long? XD

So, anyway, now comes the reorganization of things. We're in the (canon) character claiming and re-application stage at the moment, meaning it's time to join the ranks. :3 If you were a certain character before OR we have roleplayed with you previously, you will most likely get automatic dibs on whoever you want as long as no one else is interested in them.

We will be allowing OCs, but with a certain flood barrier: the OC cast should never, ever outnumber the canon cast at any given time. Because then it... yeah, it wouldn't be too GX-ey. D|

It hasn't really been fully decided, but the idea is that OCs will probably have to app just for good measure. Just so we have a record of which OCs are where, at least starting out.

...I've talked about apping but haven't given you the app forms yet. XD So, here's an app form, for both canons and OCs:

15-18, plz.
Physical Description: Doesn't have to be that long, just a rough outline.
Personality: Again, not long.
History: Although we've had people write entire BOOKS about character histories (ahahaha who me? >> <<), this would actually be preferred to be short; long history is long. D|
Year: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
Abilities (if any):
RP Sample:
This field is ONLY APPLICABLE to new members who don't come from the old RP. People from the original may skip this field.

Since we're a community of equal power, as stated previously, I'm assuming that the members are to decide collectively, as a group, whether or not an app/profile sheet is acceptable or not, or needs fixing on something before it can be accepted.


Current Character Claims

Juudai: Togepi
Shou: unclaimed
Hayato: unclaimed
Asuka: Jessi, Mana, and Qu all want her; to be determined
Manjoume: Hino, I assume?
Ryou: unclaimed
Misawa: unclaimed
Fubuki: Laby
Chronos: unclaimed
Daitokuji: TMV
Rei: Qu
Ayukawa: unclaimed

(Season 2)

Kenzan: unclaimed
Edo: Qu (again)
Saiou: Laby
Mizuchi: unclaimed
DD: unclaimed
Orgene: unclaimed

(Season 3)

Johan: unclaimed
Amon: unclaimed
O'Brien: unclaimed
Jim: unclaimed
Cobra: unclaimed

...Uh... yeah, that's it for the big huge opening speech. Also comment here with suggestions, questions, comments, etcetera.


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